Greece Travel Corporation is Greek based and operated business. We are boutique licence travel agency located in Athens. We source product directly from the best hotels, coach operators, car rental companies, yacht provides, restaurants etc. Our experience staff negotiate the best prices and ensure the highest standard of service. We know Greece extremely well, our product knowledge is unique and not easy to find elsewhere. We do not take a “one size fits all” attitude. We offer large selection of popular itineraries as well as ability to tailor-made any program at reasonable price. Some of our products are exclusive to us and cannot be purchase anywhere else. We cater not only for discerning clients but also for those with limited budget. We rely on repeat business and therefore we provide outstanding service as we want you to recommend us and to travel with us again in the future.

We offer a large selection of services

As a destination specialist we offer a comprehensive selection of product to suit all travellers to Greece. Our customers do not have to communicate with multiply hotels, ferry companies, day trip provides etc. if their itinerary includes variety of services.   We can book hotels and apartments anywhere in Greece, day tours, regular coach tours, small group tours, private tours, Island hopping, cruises, ferry and hydrofoil tickets, airline tickets. We can also arrange car rental and self-drive programs, wedding services, yacht charter, food tours, wine tasting as well as any customised history, war, golfing or other interest tours for individual or for small or large groups.

We have designed a large selection of itineraries starting from just a few day stay in Athens, through to a series of tours visiting Athens and one or two islands as well as comprehensive programs of various durations that cover the most famous sites of Greece. In Athens and mainland Greece we offer private tours as well as seat in the coach options. We are specialist in preparing the island Hopping programs. For those with limited time who wish to see many islands we offer Greek island cruises on large or small vessel. We deal with a large selection of hotels, tours and cruises to suit any taste or budget, ranging from basic to luxury and even yacht charter for those looking for a special experiences. Whatever your taste, we can find the right choice for you regardless if it is or not in the brochure.

Our itineraries are flexible

We offer our customers flexibility of purchasing individual services, the whole itineraries, the combination of services as well as custom made programs.  We are conscious that modern customers may like to mix and much the various type and quality of accommodation, transportation mode or even break the journey and have some private arrangements staying with friends or relatives. With us travellers are not force to use same category hotels though their trip and most of our itineraries are mark ad flexible which means that hotels, duration and means of transportations can be changed. Most our itineraries have been designed to suit needs of most independent traveller of any budget, but we encourage our customers to stay longer in Greece if they can. Adding an extra night or an additional island could greatly enhance your trip. If you would like a different choice of islands or if you would you like more expensive, less expensive, more central, boutique or special category hotels on either one island or all of them we will arrange it. If you would like more time or less time in certain cities and/or islands, that is not a problem. All this can be arranged at prices that will pleasantly surprise you. Should you wish to create a new program or extend any of brochure packages or include different destinations, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information.

Our priority is great customer service

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Most hotel booking websites do not provide customer service and are unable to answer questions. Unlike many websites we are able to compare the hotels, coach companies, ferries, hydrofoils and flight timetable and combine them into the time and cost effective itinerary. We can not only compare the hotels by category, facilities or prices but we can recommend those that meets your requirements.  We know the local coach companies, the tours they offer, the dates of operations and hotels they used. Our clients get up to date advice about the fickle Greek ferry system, ferry connections, the sizes of the vessels the seats category and their weather dependence. We have information about the current number of taxis on the island, the distance, the ports and other transfer related facts. Our knowledge of airline schedules, cancellation policy and luggage restrictions has gain us recognition especially from those who attempted to book by themselves online.

Our clients can access emergency phone numbers 24/7

Most travellers appreciate the importance of having a local person who can help them in case the need may arise, so you can enjoy your holiday instead of spending hours on your mobile phone (paying international roaming fees) trying to rearrange your trip. When booking with us you have the peace of mind as occasionally things go wrong while traveling, flights get cancelled, ferries delayed, strikes or other interruption related to weather conditions can occur If a ferry is cancelled due to schedule change or weather conditions, our local staff available 24 hours, 7 days a week will assist to rearrange your accommodation, rebook ferries or arrange alternative flights. If needed we will provide an official receipt for the extra cost that you may occur, which then can be used for your travel insurance claim (Please contact your travel insurer for details). Most travel insurance covers the cost difference if changes occur beyond your control but they will not assist to change the ferry if service has been cancelled.

We provide the latest specials and competitive prices

The prices displayed in this brochure are indication only due to changes that occur in the travel industry. We constantly negotiatespecial deals and better rates throughout the year, which we will pass on to you at the time of booking. Some hotels offer early bird, instant purchase deals that we may be able to offer, but are not printed in the brochure. If you happen to find a special deal or better price somewhere else, please ensure that you contact us.

Take advantage of our package prices that incorporate special arrangementsthat we have with selected hotels. We cater for clients whoare on a tricky budget as well as for those who can afford the most luxurious experience.We have the knowledge, we have the contacts and we have the purchasing power to ensure that you get the best possible price and value for money.

We accept credit card payments without surcharge

You can pay for your holiday by Credit Card. We accept VISA and MasterCard without any surcharge for landarrangements. Take advantage of rewards programs that your card might offer you while paying in an easy and convenient way for your holiday.

We share local secrets with our customers

When travelling through various countries there are things that the travel books and guides don’t always tellyou about. There are restaurants that the locals eat at, shops that offer more than just tourist souvenirs, as well as the hidden gems and many places that are off the beaten track. When you book with us you benefit fromthe personal experiences and you will have the opportunity to use some of the valuable tips and knowledge that only locals, like us, can share. For example, a list of our favourite restaurants in Athens, Mykonos orSantorini can be provided with your documents if required.

We provide access to unique experiences

Travel to Greece and we will tempt you with many unique experiences on offer. Take a cruise in Santorini to admire the famous sunset, take part of cooking classes at the local restaurants, run through the original Olympic Stadium in Olympia where the ancient games were hold. Take a day trip to Ancient island of Delos while in Mykonos and visit to the grand pinnacles monasteries of Meteora to make sure you come home with fantastic memories. There are more than 1200 islands in Greece but only approx. 200 is inhabited. They unique identities, cultures of the islands, geography, fauna and flora and contacts with local people can result in most amazing holiday. We can arrange and recommend hiking, bird watching, cycling activities as well as windsurfing, sailing, diving or paragliding. We can arrange wine tasting itineraries, horse riding or participation in special religious celebrations or festivals. Did you know that Island of Corfu for example has a 170years old tradition of cricket and there are five associations there and two pitches? Samaria Gorge in Crete is amongst the most impressive gorges in Europe and is most popular with hikers. Don’t forget the vineyard located through Greece, wineries open to public, ageing cellars, degustation facilities and small wine museums.

We're different

We are passionate about providing our guests with the very best of regardless if they book budget or luxurious accommodation.   We realise that every journey is as unique as our quest, which is why we offer a range of add ons so you can tailor made your holiday as you want it. We are proud of what we do. Our itineraries  combine the ease of travel on any budget with a selection of journey that offer the traveller a true insight into the culture, landscape and history of Greece. We will show you the wonders of each destination, even if you have visited Greece before, there is always something new to see or do when you travel with us.

We are here to make sure you enjoy Greece in the best possible way – be it a magical sunset cruise in Santorini or a walking through the local markets of Athens. To ensure you get the most of your visit, depending on your budget, we can offer selection of local escorts who can enrich your experiences or the service of a qualify guide. We can show you places that only locals know for a fraction of the price of a private tour. You can take the magnificent sites of Ancient Olympia, walk through the Samaria George in Crete or climb Mt Olympus. With us you can do as much as you want or as little as you like and you pay only for services you have selected. We can arrange visits to the greatest ancient sites, iconic buildings or Museums on a regular tour, on a private tour or we can tell you how to reach it by yourself.  You can choose the comfort and value for money option by joining local regular coach tour for the part of your trip and wonder through the Greek islands independently for the rest of your holiday while you hotels, transfers and ferries are all taken care off.


We carefully plan, arrange and coordinate every aspect of your holiday or part of it to fit your needs.  Independent discovery requires a balance of perfectly planned sightseeing and free time. We can recommend cleverly design itineraries with the appropriate balance of must see sights, unique experiences and free time. We offer quality that you can afford, service you expect, inclusions you want and memories that last forever.

So whenever you are looking for a perfect honeymoon experience, knockout private or family villa, shopping trip to die for or an unforgettable Greek feast Greece Travel Corporation is the place to start.

Our Athens office is located at: 46 Kyprou & Ploutonos Street in the area of Dafni only about 20min drive from the city center.

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