Small group Tours are perfect for those who are looking for more personal experience without the extra cost related to private tours. We offer selection of regular tours that our customers can join. We can also arrange the itineraries for small groups.

Walking Tours: They have been designed to give all participants access to the secrets part of Athens, which are usually only known to locals. These tours are conducted by a local Greek chaperon and are guaranteed departures with a minimum of two people and maximum 12. Take the opportunity to spend a few hours the way local Athenians do.

Small Group Coach Tours: Enjoy the comfort of being part of a small group of 12, 14 or 22 people, which allows you to enjoy the scenery and sites on a more personal level. Take advantage of the incomparable knowledge of our guides who will bring to life the history and stories of a location, not just provide you with a guide book presentation. For groups smaller than 15 participants our tours use a 22 seater bus and for groups of 16 to 22 participants, a 40 seat bus will be used to allow plenty of room and window seats for participants. Please note that coach tours on this page are guaranteed departures with minimum of five participants. Should the numbers not sufficient to run these tours we will offer clients the option of a full refund or the opportunity to participate in our regular tours, which operate the same day (the price difference will be refunded). Tours will be reconfirmed a day before departure.

Below are just sample of our small group tours if you like to customise any of the itineraries please contact us.

Athens Street Food Tour

Duration: 11:00 - 14:00 or 19:00 - 22:00
Departs: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Discover some of the best and tastiest street food Athens has to offer. We will start in the lobby of the centrally located hotel and walk through the secrets streets of Athens passing interesting building and monuments. On Fridays or Saturdays (morning tour only) uur first stop is a Laiki, the Greek street market – a feast for all senses. The markets are full of the fruit and vegetable stalls. Scattered among them are stalls selling cheese, fish, herbs and flowers. A bit further on are the stalls selling clothes, shoes, textiles and embroidery, household items, perfume, gifts and seasonal goods. We will take a walk through the market, sampling some seasonal fruit along the way. Other days we will visit Athens main market featuring amazing displays of fresh fruits, fish, meat, vegetables, spices, and flowers. During evening tours the smaller stalls around Monastiraki area will be visited. As mealtime approaches, you will eat your way through unknown eateries of Athens tasting the Greek specialities such as spanakopita or tiropita (greek pies). The pastry is light and flaky and each pie is just the right size to wolf down while walking. Then we will stop for a “gyro me pita”- choice of chicken or pork marinated in spices and olive oil and wrapped in a pita blanket with red onion, tzatziki, tomato and chips. Then we will try one of the iced coffees (frape) or greek coffees, as no Greek day is complete without one. We will end our tour at one a ‘zaxaroplastio’ (greek version of patisserie) to sample some typical take away desserts like baclava, karidopita (walnut cake), or a galaktoboureko which is one of the greatest custard slices you’ll ever eat.

Acropolis & Ancient Agora

Duration: Half Day
Departs: Enquire

This tour will pick up from your hotel and allow you to experience the most amazing sites of Athens in a small group of max 12 people. Travel to the House of the Greek Parliament and Monument of the Unknown Soldier before continuing for a short stop to see the Panathinaiko Stadium home of the first Olympic Games. Take a short walk to the Acropolis Museum with its many artefacts, before entering the Acropolis from the south slope, avoiding the crowds, and visiting the Dionysus Sanctuary and Dionysus Theatre. The English speaking guide will give you a detailed explanation of the glorious monuments of the Acropolis and the surrounding monuments. Afterwards enter the Ancient Agora where you’ll see The Attalos Gallery and finally the Temple of Hephaestus before being returned to your hotel.

Delphi, Arachova, Osios Loucas Monastery

Duration: Full Day
Departs: Enquire

Delphi is one of the national treasures of Greece and a UNESCO world heritage monument. Explore one of the most famous sites of classical Greece with a small group of max 14 people on a day tour from Athens to magical Delphi. Arrive at Delphi around noon where an English speaking guide will lead the tour of Delphi’s archaeological site which includes the Athenian Treasury, the Theatre, the Temple of Apollo famous for its oracle, and the Museum of Delphi. Continue to the picturesque mountain village of Arachova for lunch, an area well known for its attractive hand-woven carpets, rugs and quilts, as well as for its wine and cheese. Continue to visit Osios Loucas Monastery. The monastery of Saint Lukas was built in the 11th Century. Its Byzantine Cathedral is decorated with splendid mosaics and it is architecturally one of the finest Byzantine monuments in the country.

Corinth Canal, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Mycenae

Duration: Full Day
Departs: Enquire

Travel in a small group of max 14 people via the coastal National highway for the Corinth Canal for a short stop before continuing to Epidaurus to visit the ancient theatre – an UNESCO World Heritage listed monument. Known as the birthplace of Apollo’s son Asklepios ‘the healer’, Epidaurus is most famous for its theatre, one of the best preserved classical Greek buildings. Visit the museum and see the statue of Asclepius and Hygeia. Afterwards visit Naiplia, the first capital of modern Greece, to see the Venetian fortress of Palamidi and the fortified islet of Bourtzi. After a small guided walking tour of the city explore Nafplio or have lunch. Continue to Argolic Valley for Mycenae and visit the archaeological site, home to the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon. Visit the Mycenaean citadel, the Lionesses Gate and the Tomb of Agamemnon. Return to Athens in the late afternoon.

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