We realise how difficult it is to know what to do and how best to do it when you are planning a visit to a place that you haven’t been to before. We have therefore used our experience together with comments of our past clients to prepare our selection of programs. Programs are basically combinations of accommodation, day tours or multi day tours and in some cases cruises or island stays are included within the package. Please refer to pages 24 to 57 of our brochure to find a variety of programs together with numerous options for you to choose from. At Greece Travel Corporation we pride ourselves on offering to you the widest possible “menu” to enable you to have the holiday that you want in the way that you want it. Choose from our “menu”!

We wish you a great meal or, as the Greeks say, KALI OREXI!

Transfers at no extra charge

With all our programs our transfer services in Athens are available 24 hours a day with no surcharge for night transfers. If you book additional accommodation with us before or after a package which has transfers in its inclusions, then these will still be provided to you at no additional cost. We offer special deals for additional accommodation for our clients as well as pre and post tours deals.

Flexible Itineraries

We are very good at many things but we excel at flexibility. Our itineraries have been designed to suit needs of most travellers, but we encourage you to stay longer if you can. Adding an extra night or an additional island could greatly enhance your trip. If you would like a different choice of islands or if you would you like more expensive, less expensive, more central, boutique or special category hotels on either one island or all of them we will arrange it. If you would like more time or less time in certain cities and/or islands, that is not a problem. All this can be arranged at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

Frequent Departures

Most programs operate daily. As timetable of ferries is not available in advance and some hotels do not always open on fix date the starting and finishing date of some programs can change. Some itineraries operating on selected days are based on coach tour or cruise component departure date. If you choose a program and it does not operate on the day of your arrival please contact us as we may be able to offer an alternative itinerary or change order. The cost of programs starting in one season and finish in another are calculated based on number of nights in each season.

Special Greece Programs

New programs to highlight the Islands of the Gods, and so we have even named the itineraries after the Greek Gods (page 24 to 28). What these itineraries offer are visits to Athens as well as Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and Mykonos (to all of them or some). With us however, not only do you get to stay on these legendary islands, but we have also included walking escorted tours. Our guides are locals who live and work on the islands and know them intimately. Of course we also use best value hotels on each island so that we can offer to you a great holiday at a great price. Those programs depart selected days only.

Flexible Greece Programs

If you are interested to visit major archaeological sites on the mainland as well as some of the Greek Islands we offer several programs (page 29 to 43). Most operate on a daily basis although the sequence of itineraries may vary depending on arrival day as the mainland coach tours do not operate daily. If your idea of a Greek holiday revolves around seeing the islands, then we have a great selection of programs commonly known as Island Hopping that combine various islands with most of them operating daily (page 36 to 43). We also offer Island Hopping Passes and FlexiPasses (Page 58-69).

Mamma Mia Programs

You’ve seen the movie and hummed the tunes, so why not travel to the islands where some of the best scenes of Mama Mia were shot, namely Skiathos and Skopelos? Please refer to pages 118-119.

Cruise & Stay Programs

For those of you who would love to see the islands but also love cruising, we have programs that combine Athens with a cruise. We also offer cruise and stay on the island options (page 45 to 49).

From Greece to Turkey Programs

Why not start your holiday in Athens, hop via the beautiful Greek Islands, visit the principal sites on the Turkish mainland and then finish your holiday in magical Istanbul with as many days and nights as you desire? You can find a selection of programs combining 2 countries on page 60 to 78. There are tours operating in reverse also for those who want to start in Turkey and finish in Greece.